Eagle Security Services, Inc.

Eagle Security Services, Inc.

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Offering Security Services of the Highest Standard

We are known for our forward thinking approach to problem solving and capability to think outside the box when addressing unique operational challenges. Eagle Security Services is based in Florida and provides security guards for businesses as well as offering specialist government and defense solutions.

Protecting and enforcing laws for properties by our trained and certified security guards.
Conducting security checks over a specified area.


Level 1 and Level 2 Live Scan Fingerprints
Fingerprinting Solutions and Fingerprinting Services to Florida Businesses and Government Agencies.

Writing comprehensive reports outlining what they observed while patrolling property on the Eagle Security Agency security vehicle.


Providing and maintaining crowds in regards to providing safety, security and guest services for concerts, tradeshows and sporting events.


You Can Count On Us

Eagle security, which has been a leader in the field of security provision to global communities: hotels, apartments building, retail stores, auto dealer business, and other financial institutions since 2015. We cater to several organizations (Reference provided upon request) and their needs and always maintained a great relationship with them. As a company, we offer services that are of the highest standard and at extremely competitive industry rates.

Perfection In Every Second

Eagle Security Services is the most locally focused security company in Florida.


Security equipment to handle all aspects of an organization’s security objectives.

Good Communication 24/7

We have created a strong base for the entire organization, one that is flexible and customer oriented.


To protect homes, workplaces and communities by providing the security they need to protect their assets, safeguard their people and maintain their ability to generate profits.

Level 1 and Level 2 Personal Background Checks




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