Company Profile

Get to know Mr. Paul Ancene’s Business Profile as Executive Manage of Eagle Security Services Inc.

■ Summary 

  • Professional manager with seventeen years managerial experience, directing operations of security practices and regulations in organization.
  • Regularly acquires in-depth knowledge of security legislation and securing environment from related hazards and threads.

Core specialties Homeland Security Certify Level II

  • Security risk assessment.
  • Enforcing security policies.
  • Defining and planning safety practices.
  • Handling confidential information.
  • Leading the implantation of security/safety procedures.

Key skills:

  • Motivating and directing people
  • Agile and attention to detail
  • Strong problem solving skills

Objective Statement – Effectively analyze various standards of security operation programs; perform risk assessments to manage implementation of safe environment in the organization for both visitors and employees.

■ Professional Experience

Former Security Manager    WCMS   1998 –2008

Key Functions: 

  • Prepared overall security plans and managed security operations of organization, including assignments and staffing.
  • Contributed to investigations of property loss, thefts and criminal activities.
  • Provides timely reports to firm Management.
  • Manages all security costs through financial analysis.
  • Maintained and conducted routine checkup of several sites in firm; analyzed failures.
  • Monitored performance of security units installed in firm.
  • Researched market constantly to gain knowledge of latest trends in security system implementation and possible security threats.
  • Recommended installations of new/ latest security systems if it  possible up-gradation in existing systems in apartment buildings, Condos, Hotels, Retails, Gate Communities etc…
  • Conducted annual research on crime risk analysis.

■ Qualifications 

  • Bachelor Degree in Business Organizational Management.
  • Certification in Security Management.
  • Certification in Homeland security and also  a member
  • Membership Christian Federation Chaplaincy
  • Federation citizen police membership certification
  • Palm Beach County Sheriff  Law enforcement certification
  • By- lingual