Eagle Security Services, Inc.

About Us

Professional Security and Personal Protection You Can Trust

Whether you require armed or unarmed, uniformed or plain clothes, Eagle Security Agency can provide the right security personnel for any of your specific needs.

What to know about us is that Eagle Security Services Inc.’s main goal is providing corporate security, including event protection, electronic surveillance, and consulting. Other services include manned guarding, CCTV surveillance, alarm response and key holding.

We are known for our forward-thinking approach to problem solving and capability to think outside the box when addressing unique operational challenges. Eagle Security Services is based in Florida and provides unarmed security guards and/or armed security guards for businesses as well as offering specialist government and defense solutions.

More about us is that Eagle Security Services Inc has been a leader in the field of security provision to global communities: hotels, apartments building, retail stores, auto dealer business, and other financial institutions since 2015. We cater to several organizations (Reference provided upon request) and their needs and always maintained a great relationship with them. As a company, we offer services that are of the highest standard and at extremely competitive industry rates.

Expertise of Paul Ancene, Chief Executive Officer at Eagle Security Services Inc:

– Instructor Security Training
– 1 Palm Beach County Sheriff Cop District 1 Unit 68
– Homeland Security Certification Level II
– Passed 10 years Security guard Experience
– Counseling Experience
– Bachelor Degree in Organizational Management

Based on work experience, education and beliefs it has become mandatory that our firm exhibit the professionalism that I expect from myself. We should always treat our clients with respect and provide the services, that we are expected to perform, diligently and with the utmost regard in obtaining the highest level of efficiency.
– Pride, Integrity, & Service is a motto we do not take lightly. You will find that our customer service is beyond reproach as it is my expertise in the above listed areas that will be reflected in our firm’s performance.


A group of black security officers smiling.

To accomplish our mission we:

• Hire the most highly trained and professional security
• Personnel to include personnel from our esteemed unarmed security.
• Make a commitment to rigorous initial and on-going training of unarmed security officers
• Utilize the industry’s best resources to secure the information of our clients.
• Committed to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Vision Statement

“Reliable- We are Dependable and you can count on us.”
“Responsive- We are attentive and act quickly to help you with your needs.”
“Competent- We are equipped with the skills and knowledge to ensure that the job is accomplished in a safe and timely matter.
“Empathetic- We are understanding and flexible. We will help and work with your scheduling.

Mission Statement

Eagle Security Services Inc. believes foremost in providing unparalleled security services to our clients and providing our employees with a safe and steadfast environment. Eagle believes strongly in customer service and word of mouth advertising, we do whatever it takes to ensure our clients are happy. Eagle does not believe in quantity over quality which makes Eagle Security Services different from our competitors.

Person Property Protection

Eagle Security Company dedicates themselves to give you full security guard service diligently, as this would deter criminals. Most burglars, shoplifters, muggers, and other criminals would think twice if they see a security guard on duty. So, being visible is one of the ways by which a security guard foils theft, damage, personal injury, and other dastardly acts.

To be vigilant:
Our security guard watches out for any strange thing that may that may mean harm. For this reason, you must have very keen senses of sight, hearing and smell when a cable is burning or when a chemical is leaking from its container. Eagle security team able to detect strange sounds, such as when someone is secretly trying to open a door. Security guard should be able to sense it when someone is cleverly try to divert his attention off his duty. He or she able to interpret quickly whatever he sees.
No matter what happening to respond and correctly during crisis
Not only does a security guard senses crisis; he/she act fast to control the situation. How a security guard responds to crisis varies depending on the threat. A security guard must know how best to respond to a various dangerous situations and all that 100% guaranteed at Eagle Security Guard.
Observing and reporting:
Even after a dangerous situation has been successfully averted, a security guard must remain sharp. He should remain attentive until the situation has been neutralized. After a crisis, a security guard should report the incident to his supervisor, the police or the appropriated authorities (such as the fire services in the case of a fire outbreak). This way, further steps would be taken to avert a future recurrence.

An Eagle security guard posting up at a car dealership

Eagle Security does all of the followings:

• Protect and enforce laws on an employer’s property
Monitor alarms and closed-circuit TV cameras
• Control access for employees, visitors, and outside contractors
• Conduct security checks over a specified area
• Write comprehensive reports outlining what they observed while on patrol
• Interview witnesses for later court testimony
• Detain criminal violators