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Eagle Security Services is a leading licensed security firm that has been rendering first class service to the community. We always maintain a good relationship with our clients, upholding communication of the highest standard. We have a team “on call” around the clock that takes care of any emergency. What makes us different than the others: • 24/7 Communication • State-of-the-Art Equipment • Board-Certified Instructors • Licensed and Insured • Leader in Security Provisions Since 2015 As a company, we offer you services that are of the highest standard and at extremely competitive industry rates. We want to make sure to produce quality service so that you can have peace of mind about the security of your community.

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What are some good New Years Resolutions to use in 2023?

The definition of a New Years Resolution is the things you promise your self you will do over the year.

But in reality, we quit after the first 2 weeks.

Why is that? According to U.S. News, 80% of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the second week in February.

This is a sad statistic. That means most of us only stay committed for a month and a half.

According to James Clear, who is the author of Atomic Habits, it takes anywhere from two to eight months to develop a new behavior or habit.


Nervous girl trying to find answers online

Now lets not get discouraged. You don’t have to stress yourself finding a good New Years resolutions.

Nobody knows what is even going to happen tomorrow, how can we manage to do one thing for let alone a month!

There are so many achievable goals that we can turn into resolutions.

Here are some that you can do, and I bet, you will even see an enhancement in your life trying to achieve and complete these new years resolutions!

Not falling asleep after a good meal.

It doesn’t matter really.

It can be breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or even desert (sorry lactose intolerant readers), if our stomach are slightly pleased, things around us are going to start to feel more comfortable.

“I’m just going to set a 10 minute timer, I’ll be up no problem”.

(Timer sounds, you wake up, full stomach, bed feels like a cloud and a feather had a baby and its your bed, and you press stop and snooze onto 3 hours of your day gone).

Sound familiar?

Yeah…….how about this instead.



Newton’s first law of motion says a body at rest tends to stay at rest, but a body in motion, tends to stay in motion.

Also, isn’t food supposed to give us energy?

If I just sit at the dinner table or my couch, all that energy that was in the food is being wasted.

Just get up.


Sleepy dog sleeping in his food bowl.

But not just stand up, get up with a purpose like setting up for the next day if you just finished eating dinner.

A purpose to organize your bathroom, bedroom, or plan for your day if you just finished eating breakfast.

Feeling kind of drowsy in your friend’s car coming back from brunch and your thinking about how comfortable your bed is?

How about start an outrageous argument with your friend that will get both of your tempers flaring!

(Just an idea to get you out of the food coma and get your brain thinking at a fast pace.)


Checking off things off of To-Do list
Track your goals.

We all got them.

But do we have a plan of action to achieve these goals?

All it take is willpower and desire, but is what we are doing currently to achieve our goals working?

Tracking  your goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable because you are able to see immediate feedback.


Keep it simple and track things such as your daily food, monthly measurements, and weekly weight.

Write everything down in an old fashioned notebook or use an app or spreadsheet.

Waiting for the long-term rewards can feel unbearable, but look, I see because I have been going to the gym lately three times a week for an hour, I’m walking faster, breathing healthier, and now can hold six grocery bags into the house!


Read more.

There are so many good books in the world, but there are so many addicting apps as well.

Electronic devices are always coming out, it can be easy to get swept up in the act of scrolling.

The problem is, the blue light that these devices emit can inhibit sleep and promote feelings of dread due to the tendency of comparison.


A lady sitting down reading a book.

In an effort to boost your sleep schedule and your mood, put down your electronics and reach for a book, but not just any book, something that will interest you.

In my personal experience, I started reading books because the elderly folk gave me some good recommendations, and because of this, I believe to remember things a lot quickly now.

For example, I used to walk about 12 steps to my car from my apartment and I completely forget what I went to my car for. 


Take more walks.

“If you care about what people think about you, you’ll never get anywhere in life” is what I tell people when they bring up the excuse, I don’t want people to think I’m weird walking alone, or weird that I look like I have nowhere to go.

Listen, tell all your worries in your body that you are going for a walk to enjoy the blessed life that we have such as the sky changing colors, (pink and purple personal favorite), and how the tree’s leaves dance around us everyday and we don’t catch the shows that they put forth.

If you’re not much of a hiker, you’ll be glad to know that simply walking can be beneficial for your health and well-being.


Walking a path wearing red shoes

Why do you think so many people started taking walks during the pandemic in 2020?

While some experts would have you believe that 10,000 steps are a must (that’s about five miles a day, BTW), simply starting to get those steps in is something worth celebrating.

You can even find secret spots in the places you walk to that you can bookmark in your head whenever your looking for a place to just get away.

There are only beneficial attributes that come from taking walks, your dog would appreciate this change of life MUCH more as well.


And yes, join a gym.

I have only one example….Adele. As cliché as it may sound, making a resolution to join a gym in the new year can prove incredibly beneficial for both your body and mind. If you have trouble getting yourself to the gym because your rolling in the deep of a busy lifestyle or knowing what to do once you’re there, consider trying a membership with an instructor-led studio. They will get you to push your body. Don’t you want to see how great your body can actually become? Sound intriguing if you ask me.


A lady stretching her arms after she just woke up.
Waking up early.

You really realize how much time is in the day when you take the phrase “the early bird catches the worm” to heart. As much as you may hate waking up early, Sleep Advisor suggests that doing so could be the trick to ushering in a healthier, happier life. In addition to giving you more time to even exercise before work, (well would you look at that, previous resolution topic). Waking up earlier is said to improve diet and quality of sleep, both of which have an immediate impact on your mood. A lot of people have a lot of tasks to get done throughout the day. Sadly, at the end there may be still more tasks to get done, and then the phrase “there is not enough time in the day” comes up. Make time! Wake up early to achieve your goals you are tracking (ha, look at that).


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Holiday Security Services

'Tis The Season For Holiday Security

As the holidays rapidly approach, it is the season of giving for most individuals, but it is also the season of taking for criminals.

Whether you own a private business, a residential complex, or a house, there is a higher risk of larceny and unlawful entry onto your property during the holiday season.

Holiday security services from a private security company can deter offenders from taking the gifts meant for loved ones and employees, ensuring a safe holiday season for clients.

During the holiday season, even neighborhoods that are perceived to be safe can become victimized by criminals looking to hit the jackpot by stealing expensive presents.

It is a wise idea to contact security services.

Crowd Control

Friendly reminder: more people, more problems.

It’s a given during the holidays: the crowds get worse as people come and go, and if you have something special planned, that number will grow even more.

When you’re preparing for other types of holiday events, from festivals to parties, you should have the advantage of knowing approximately how many people you expect to show up.


Event and Crowd Control Security Guard

After getting this information, passing it along to a security officer on duty will help maximize safety throughout the planned venue.

Hiring security guards for your holiday events, no matter what type, will help keep your event less stressful and more secure. 

Many organizations celebrate the holidays by setting up a display, such as a lit Christmas tree, in a room for employees to share the joy of the holidays.

Some of these companies will allow for employees to place presents under the Christmas tree display either to be donated to a charitable organization or for an employee gift swap activity.

If presents are visible, then there is a greater risk for larceny.

Holiday security services can protect and secure both the interior and exterior of client’s property.

Happy holidays from Eagle Security Agency

Security for Residential Complexes

Owners of apartment buildings and condominium complexes may want to consider holiday security services from a security company.

These properties can serve as a primary target for criminals because there are many different possible targets within a single property.

Criminals will look in windows and use binoculars to discover which residences provide them with the best opportunity to steal expensive assets.

Private security guards stop these wrongdoers before they have the chance to act.

Family enjoying the Christmas season

‘Tis the Season

The holiday season is the best time of year!

The happiness and joy is contagious, and many memories will be made.

Stay safe this holiday season.

From our Eagle Security Agency to all, HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Do you need security guards during the holidays?
Holiday Security Services

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Security Awareness Pointers

Tips of a lifetime.

Calls are made to us from various companies or individuals needing security and their request may vary between it being a commercial or residential property needing guards golf carts, or vehicle roving to satisfy their security needs.

These are the calls that we are looking forward to help and serve but on the contrary, there are other calls that just want information, or tips.

They want to get tips and information from a well-run and well-known security company such as Eagle Security is so they can use what our phone operator tells them to do so they can implement what they learned over the call and add security resources for their property themselves without having to pull out there wallet and sign a security quote or contract.

We have no problem with that whatsoever, “knowledge is power!”, some would say.

 Our main priority here at Eagle Security Services, Inc. is safety and wellness; so we have constructed tips for companies to follow so they can try to enhance their security themselves before giving us a call regarding a contract.

Eagle Tip #1: Do not have sensitive information in a computerized device have a week password.

We recommend having a password with two special characters and two capital letters. (For example, “JohnDoe!!”.

 This is important because as a company with many different departments or software’s that you may have, using the same password can be greatly hazardous to your business and it makes it easier for hackers to do what they do best, hack. 

 Also, with cameras ubiquitously around the world and community inhabitants, it is important to block unknown or even known people’s view of your hand when you are entering PIN number, passwords, alarm codes, etc.

Always keep in mind that high-resolution cameras can see farther than we all think they are capable of.

Always make sure that you are keeping sensitive information safe from cameras recording while you are entering your new two special character and two capital letter passwords.

Eagle Tip #2: Do not have conversations with “wrong number” callers.

There are a lot of scammers that buy phone numbers and yours might be next on the lineup.

We all must be safe from scammers or the old way called “wrong number” callers by never giving out any information about yourself.

Someone who reaches out to you as a “wrong number” caller is looking for you to be intrigued on how they got your number.


The main thing they want in a call like this is to keep a conversation going on long enough so you can build trust with them.

They might have dialed you by accident to probably sell you some products or get sensitive information from you, but keep in mind that they may also be criminals seeking information in an attempt to target you for identity theft or worse.

Eagle tip #3: As a homeowner, keep your homes from looking like easy targets.

Easy targets are highly noticeable to robbers or burglars so please refrain from any unsafe activity affecting your home, family, or pets.

We at Eagle Security Services, Inc. want you to:

  • Keep extra keys in a safe place; never hide a key outside.
  • Keep grass cut, leaves raked, snow shoveled, etc., to indicate a well-cared for and occupied home.
  • Leave a radio on low when leaving home, even for short time.
  • Light all entrances and consider “vandal-proof” fixtures.
  • Lock up all ladders and tools a burglar could use to gain entry.
  • Never leave a note on the door saying why you are not at home.
  • Never leave doors or windows unlocked when leaving home.
  • Only put your last name on your nameplate or mailbox.
  • Pretend you are the burglar, go outside and plan how to get in to see where you need to install locks on all doors and windows.
  • Secure automatic garage door openers out of sight.
  • Trim landscaping near doors and windows to avoid concealment or climbing platforms for an intruder.
  • Use a timer that turns a living room light on at dusk – especially if you are going to be away.

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Why is Thanksgiving an important holiday?

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated annually as a national holiday in the North American continent on the fourth Thursday of November.

Many Americans will soon start preparing their Thanksgiving menus for one of the most anticipated holidays in the US calendar.

Apart from the food, arguably the main component of the day, the holiday is a beloved time of year when Americans come together to celebrate what they are thankful for – although this year will likely see much smaller gathering and celebrations due to coronavirus restrictions.

In America, Thanksgiving is a cultural holiday that symbolizes peace, thankfulness, and the beginning of the holiday season.

But lets not forget how this holiday BECAME a holiday.

How did Thanksgiving become an official holiday?

By 1789, the “thanksgiving” tradition was still not a holiday.

Bradford’s manuscript with the actual accounts of that first Thanksgiving had yet to be published, so there was little public interest in the entire thing.

And while it’s reported that George Washington called for a “national thanksgiving” on the last Thursday of November that year, a declaration like that essentially amounted to a nice, thoughtful idea.

Things still weren’t official.

It wasn’t until the diary made its way to the hands of magazine editor Sarah Josepha Hale in the 1800s that things began to take shape.

Passed down through generations and across centuries, it finally landed in her lap…and Hale was allegedly so moved after reading about the first Thanksgiving dinner that she began a serious letter-writing campaign, urging not one, not two, but five American presidents to make Thanksgiving a national holiday.

She never gave up, and eventually lucked out with none other than Abraham Lincoln.

As the Civil War raged on, Lincoln believed that Thanksgiving might help to unite the divided country.

He declared it a national holiday in 1863 and kept Thanksgiving as the last Thursday in November.

Washington’s idea was finally brought to life, and it was at this time that Thanksgiving became a bona fide official holiday on the American calendar.

What do people eat on Thanksgiving?

In America, turkeys are an integral part of Thanksgiving Day, with most dinners including the bird.

An estimated 46m turkeys are killed annually for the holiday, however, one turkey is pardoned each year by the president.

But Americans who don’t eat meat or follow a vegan lifestyle don’t have to worry about missing out, as there are numerous vegan and vegetarian Thanksgiving options.

Americans also indulge in Thanksgiving favorites such as yams topped with marshmallows, stuffing, cranberry sauce, cornbread, and pumpkin pie.

Why do Americans celebrate it and what do they do?

Although Thanksgiving may originally have had religious significance, the day has become a mostly secular holiday.

Most Americans consider the holiday a day to gather and express their thanks through food, family, and football – with multiple NFL teams playing on the holiday.

During some Thanksgiving celebrations, people write down what they are thankful for and then read aloud from the pieces of paper.

In schools, children learn about the holiday by coloring in pictures of Pilgrims and turkeys and the Mayflower, the ship the colonists arrived on.


The day is also celebrated with the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

The world’s largest Thanksgiving parade includes giant balloons of cartoons that float above the city sky, as well as marching bands and dancers.

Following Thanksgiving, the month-long shopping for the winter holidays begins, with Black Friday kicking off the season.

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6 Reasons Companies Use Contract Security

Have you ever tried to summarize in a very succinct way why your clients or prospects should use your security services rather than go in-house.

Maybe you’re familiar with how difficult it can be to try and outline the benefits in a short piece of marketing material.

If you could use some help in that area, the following six reasons are a great place to start when you’re describing why companies should use contract security.


Lady Eagle Guard starring out the window.

1) It improves company focus.

Companies that outsource their security needs can concentrate their limited resources on their core functions.

By allowing contract security companies to handle security related duties, your customers can still focus on servicing their clients while also maintaining a high level of security at their facility.

2) There’s less training involved.

Contract security vendors make extensive investments in methodologies, technology (e.g. electronic reporting software), and people as a result of lessons learned from facing challenges across numerous clients.

Those investments eliminate your client’s need to identify and procure those types of resources.

3) The quality of security won’t decrease.

It’s a challenge for a company to be highly efficient in all areas of operation.

In a  company whose primary function isn’t security, it’s easy for their security needs to be placed on the back burner as they face other challenges.

However, when a company utilizes a contract security company, the contractor can ensure that any security related needs are addressed. 

4) There’s shared risk. 

By outsourcing the security function, your clients effectively spread the risk associated with operating a security team with you, the vendor.

5) Resources are freed up for other purposes.

Hiring a contract security company allows the client to redirect its resources, most often their employees, from non core activities to activities that focus on serving their clients.


6) It’s more cost efficient. 

Because a security contractor focuses on providing security guard service, they typically have a lower cost structure because of economies of scale.

As a result, the cost to hire contract security is typically less than hiring in-house security personnel.

Those reduced costs allow your clients to channel those savings and efforts into activities that increase their competitive advantage.

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Event Security Tips

With the right security practices, we’ll ensure the safety of your guests and staff — plus we’ll prevent damage to the venue and related property.

Day-of security

We cannot stress enough the importance of security at events. Security keeps you covered in case of :

  • An injury to a guest
  • Damage to property
  • Crowd control
  • Troublesome guests
  • Unexpected situations

That’s why you must plan your security strategy during the planning process. The types of security you need will depend on the size, scope, location, and type of event you’re planning.

1. Know the venue inside and out

You should also know how porous the venue is. “Porous” refers to any way someone could get inside without using actual entry points. This could be a back door for staff, or a window that can be opened from the outside.

Identify all venue entry points and make sure all personnel is aware of them. Creating a diagram is an easy and effective way to give the team a visual understanding.

If the venue is outdoors, establish boundaries where the event perimeter begins and ends. Temporary fencing and barricades can help.

2. Gauge attendee risk

Are there any attendees or guests that may pose a risk? You can’t do a background check for every ticket buyer, of course. But, you should identify potential risks.

For example, if a guest speaker represents a company with a controversial history, that may increase the risk of protests or attendees who want to cause a scene.

Be suspicious of guests that purchase event tickets in bulk. This may be an event protestor buying tickets for their fellow disruptors.

3. Control the crowd

The larger the crowd, the more likely it is that something can go wrong. Staff needs to be comfortable with managing large groups and exerting authority when needed.

The security team may need to perform the following with respects to crowd management:

  • Ask guests to move away if they’re blocking the exit.
  • Monitor the registration line to keep it organized and prevent people from cutting. (Using cones, yellow tape, or stanchions is a great help here.)
  • Ensure guests don’t stray into staff-only areas or areas reserved for VIP.

It’s also important that you ensure that the crowd in the venue never grows beyond the capacity limit. Remember to count all staff and security personnel when keeping track of total numbers. Going over capacity can result in fines from the venue administrator.

4. Assess the potential for large-scale attacks

It’s unfortunate we have to mention this at all, but this is the reality. Big crowds are an easy and soft target, so armed security personnel are recommended for larger events.

All guests should also have their bags checked. A professional security team is trained to look for weapons or items that can be improvised as weapons.

Publicize ahead of your event that all personal bags will be inspected to ensure guest safety. You should also include a list of contraband items that will not be allowed in the venue. This includes all weapons and certain chemical materials.

Aside from bag checks and body scanners, personnel should also be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. Examples of abnormal behavior that should alert staff includes:

  • Constantly staring at staff
  • Lack of engagement or feigned interest in event activities
  • Surveilling the venue layout

Monitoring for suspicious activity should also take place in the immediate vicinity of the venue exterior. Since bags won’t be checked until entry, perpetrators may find opportunities right outside the venue where attendees gather to register.

5. Keep communication tight

Your staff needs to stay in constant communication. Be sure each staff member has a walkie-talkie.

If you hire a professional security detail, be sure they communicate back and forth with your own staff. Company staff and third-party security details tend to not communicate. The former should report all suspicious activity to the security team and refrain from direct confrontations.

Pro tip: Diagramming the event beforehand can be a great way to share a visual map of the security setup with your staff.

Event and Crowd Control Security Guard

Event security really matters

Events generate a lot of ROI for planners, companies, and venues. However, with any live public gathering, there is always the risk of something going seriously wrong. You and your team have to be prepared to respond at a moment’s notice. An organized and safe event ensures everyone leaves happy.


Have a happy and safe Halloween from Team Eagle

Trick-or-Treating Tips.

Going trick-or-treating outdoors is a low-risk activity, according to CNN Medical analysis Dr. Leana Wen.

Families should assess if they are comfortable going to higher-risk indoor activities, she added.

In the flurry of all the costumes and decorations, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the holiday.

To ensure you celebrate safely, here are some guidelines to follow this Halloween.

Wear a facemask.

Covid-19 is a serious concern, so it’s important everyone wear face masks when trick-or-treating or attending parties, said Dr. Emily Levy, pediatric infectious disease and pediatric critical care specialist at the Mayo Clinic Children’s Center in Rochester, Minnesota.



“Surgical, medical or multi-layer masks are going to be more reliably protective and better fitting as compared to costume masks,” she said via email.
If you are invited to an indoor party, it’s a good idea to ask if masks will be required, Levy noted.
Larger parties with unmasked attendees could lead to the spread of Covid-19, especially for younger children who are not vaccinated yet, she said.
Families should also weigh the risks if they have a loved on who has health complications that make them more susceptible to contracting the virus, Levy said.

Stay safe around fire.

Costumes with fabric or other accessories that drag along the ground are at risk of catching on fire.
When selecting your costume, make sure the clothing, wigs and accessories are fire-resistant, McDermott said.
It will be clearly marked on the packaging, so if you do not see a tag, assume it is not fire-resistant, she added.
In addition, make sure there are no pieces dangling and that the costume is not too long.

Light up your costume.

The risk of pedestrian fatalities from vehicles is 43% higher on Halloween compared to other autumn days, according to a 2019 study published in JAMA Pediatrics.
McDermott recommended trick-or-treaters wear reflective tape on their costumes as well as carrying glow sticks and flashlights so drivers can see children more easily.
Additionally, children should use crosswalks, not run between parked cars, and walk instead of running across the street, she said.

Inspect the candy.

When children return home from trick-or-treating, grown-ups should inspect the candy to ensure it’s safe.
Any candy that is not commercially packaged or that has pinholes in it should be discarded, McDermott said.
If any of your children have food allergies, she recommended adults read the ingredients labels to prevent an allergic reaction.
Some treats, such as hard candies, nuts and gum, can be considered a choking hazard for young children, so they should not be left unattended with those candies, she added.

“When in doubt, throw it out,” McDermott said.

Be mindful of trick-or-treaters with autism.

For some children and young adults with autism, there are many challenges that arise from trick-or-treating, said Wendy Fournier, president of the National Autism Association.
Many people with autism are unable to speak, which means they may not say “trick-or-treat” or “thank you,” she said.
Eye contact can also be challenging, and some may not be able to wear a costume due to sensory issues, Fournier added.
For people passing out treats, make sure to greet everyone with understanding and kindness, she said.
“For example, instead of asking and waiting for a child to say, ‘trick-or-treat,’ just say hello or compliment them on their costume and wish them a Happy Halloween,” Fournier said via email.
Some people with autism may choose to use a blue bucket on Halloween to collect their treats, which is a signal to others that the trick-or-treater has autism.
It has recently become a divisive choice, with some saying it sets people with autism apart and potentially makes them a target for abuse, Fournier said.
On the other hand, others believe it’s a great way to discreetly alert people that the child or young adult may not be able to participate in all aspects of trick-or-treating, she added.
The decision to use a blue bucket should be based on a person’s unique needs, Fournier said.

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Selling Security and other mumbo jumbo.

Are You A Good Salesman?

Back in late 2014, I sent an online request to a company for information on a service that I was interested in purchasing.

Little did I know that my request would lead to the worst sales experience that I’ve ever had.

I’ve been involved with sales and marketing for more than two decades, and during that time, I’ve never seen a sale go as badly as this one did.

My first phone call with their company salesperson – let’s call her “Regina” – went fairly well.


Regina did a great job of telling me about the company and explaining the benefits of using their services.

The phone call ended with me asking her to follow-up with me in a week to further discuss purchasing their service.

It was all downhill from there… unfortunately, I was unavailable to talk with Regina the day she called.


As I would have expected, Regina left a voicemail, but then proceeded to call back 14 more times that day.

The next few weeks were pretty much the same thing, numerous calls back-to-back on both my office phone and cell phone.

I can now say that there is nothing more annoying than being on the phone with a customer and having a salesperson REPEATEDLY call you. Don’t make the same mistakes Regina did.

When you’re a salesperson, there are several lessons to keep in mind that can help you be successful at your job.

Lesson #1

Keep in mind that prospective customers have dozens of tasks that they need to accomplish daily.

If they don’t get back to you immediately, just leave a message and call back in a week.


Now that you’ve connected with them, your job is to occasionally remind them who you are until they’re ready to talk.

When we eventually reconnected, Regina was completely unprepared for our call.

It started off with her explaining to me how our competitors were using her company’s services.

That would have been a great way to explain the value of their business, but the companies that she named weren’t our competitors.

Not only did these companies not provide security guard management software, they weren’t even in the security industry.

Lesson #2

Research your buyer’s industry and competitors.

Understanding both will give you insight into what challenges the buyer may be facing.

After I told Regina that she hadn’t actually named any of our competitors, she said that in her database, it looked like those companies were, indeed, our competition.

When I asked her if she had a chance to look over our website to see what we did, she said that she hadn’t…

Lesson #3

Research your buyers to understand what it is that they actually do.

With the availability of company websites and social media, you can develop a great picture of who your buyer is and what their needs might be. 

Further along in the conversation, Regina asked me if the price of the service was the reason that I wasn’t ready to buy.

I explained that price wasn’t the issue, but the problem was that the services didn’t align with my current priorities.

Rather than ask what those priorities were, she explained how they could spread the payments out over several months.


Lesson #4

If your prospect mentions goals, objectives, or priorities, take the opportunity to ask them what they are.

Having conversations about how your services help the buyer accomplish their goals will always be more fruitful than talking about discounts, features, and/or capabilities.

After I failed to commit to buying the services based on the offer to extend payments, Regina rudely asked, “If you didn’t want to buy our services, why did you even say that you wanted to be contacted?”

Lesson #5

No matter how bad a meeting or phone call goes, NEVER lose your composure.

Once Regina posed that question, I knew that it was time to get off the phone.

I politely ended the conversation and let her know that when I was interested, I would give her a call.

Sales is a full contact sport that requires effort, preparation, and commitment.

When you lose a sale, (as Regina did), it’s easy to blame the buyer (which she probably did).

However, if you’re honest with yourself, you can identify and learn from the mistakes that you made to better develop your sales skills.

Hopefully Regina learned something from our interaction.

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