Eagle Security Services, Inc.


Concierge Services

Providing personalized assistance and exceptional support, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for guests, residents, and visitors.


Simplifying the workday with full service front desk concierge and foot patrols

Team Eagle can provide you with concierge/reception services.

Our security officers of Eagle Security Services, Inc. will provide our clients with reception and concierge services by the eagle security officer performing duties such as access control, high level customer service, and reception throughout the day or night. Foot patrols will be performed to ensure a security presence around the property.


Performing concierge services you are looking for such as:
Officer monitoring computers for security guard firms.
A concierge worker at the front desk.
How full service concierge/reception can help your company.

Our full service concierge is designed to help simplify and balance the lives of hard working professionals throughout the workday and night, by whom are often stretched for time. We offer a higher level of personal concierge service to meet specific needs for your property or personnel. The move traffic businesses recieve, the less time is available for life’s consuming tasks. Our Eagle Security guards are trained and ready to perform concierge services for you.

Providing professional mobile patrol security services for: