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Who needs this service?

  • Anyone who needs a Level 2 Background check in Florida.
  • Anyone who needs an FBI background check.
  • Anyone who needs to send their fingerprint cards to other states for employment & licensing.
  • Anyone who needs to send fingerprint cards to other government agencies, such as OPM, SWFT and FINRA
  • Anyone who is applying for a Federal Firearms License or Concealed Carry License in other states (not Florida).
  • Anyone working with an immigration attorney.
  • Anyone working with an attorney to expunge a criminal record.
  • Anyone who is planning to travel, work or study in a foreign country.
  • Anyone who is planning to adopt a child.
  • Anyone applying for public housing.
  • Anyone who just wants to see what the FBI might be reporting on themselves.

We offer fingerprinting services at our location in West Palm Beach.

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Eagle Security Services Inc. is a minority-owned business that is here to serve you. We’ve been in business for over 5 years and are well-equipped to serve most of your fingerprinting requirements.


  • No lines
  • No messy ink
  • Great service
  • On-time service
  • No rejections
  • Archive subscriptions for qualified candidates

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