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6 Reasons Companies Use Contract Security

Unveiling the Advantages: 6 Key Reasons Why Companies Opt for Contract Security

Have you ever tried to summarize in a very succinct way why your clients or prospects should use your security services rather than go in-house.

Maybe you’re familiar with how difficult it can be to try and outline the benefits in a short piece of marketing material.

If you could use some help in that area, the following six reasons are a great place to start when you’re describing why companies should use contract security.


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1) It improves company focus.

Companies that outsource their security needs can concentrate their limited resources on their core functions.

By allowing contract security companies to handle security related duties, your customers can still focus on servicing their clients while also maintaining a high level of security at their facility.

2) There’s less training involved.

Contract security vendors make extensive investments in methodologies, technology (e.g. electronic reporting software), and people as a result of lessons learned from facing challenges across numerous clients.

Those investments eliminate your client’s need to identify and procure those types of resources.

3) The quality of security won’t decrease.

It’s a challenge for a company to be highly efficient in all areas of operation.

In a  company whose primary function isn’t security, it’s easy for their security needs to be placed on the back burner as they face other challenges.

However, when a company utilizes a contract security company, the contractor can ensure that any security related needs are addressed. 

4) There’s shared risk. 

By outsourcing the security function, your clients effectively spread the risk associated with operating a security team with you, the vendor.

5) Resources are freed up for other purposes.

Hiring a contract security company allows the client to redirect its resources, most often their employees, from non core activities to activities that focus on serving their clients.

6) It’s more cost efficient. 

Because a security contractor focuses on providing security guard service, they typically have a lower cost structure because of economies of scale.

As a result, the cost to hire contract security is typically less than hiring in-house security personnel.

Those reduced costs allow your clients to channel those savings and efforts into activities that increase their competitive advantage.

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