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Security Awareness Tips

Security Awareness Pointers

Tips of a lifetime.

Calls are made to us from various companies or individuals needing security and their request may vary between it being a commercial or residential property needing guards golf carts, or vehicle roving to satisfy their security needs.

These are the calls that we are looking forward to help and serve but on the contrary, there are other calls that just want information, or tips.

They want to get tips and information from a well-run and well-known security company such as Eagle Security is so they can use what our phone operator tells them to do so they can implement what they learned over the call and add security resources for their property themselves without having to pull out there wallet and sign a security quote or contract.

We have no problem with that whatsoever, “knowledge is power!”, some would say.

 Our main priority here at Eagle Security Services, Inc. is safety and wellness; so we have constructed tips for companies to follow so they can try to enhance their security themselves before giving us a call regarding a contract.

Eagle Tip #1: Do not have sensitive information in a computerized device have a week password.

We recommend having a password with two special characters and two capital letters. (For example, “JohnDoe!!”.

 This is important because as a company with many different departments or software’s that you may have, using the same password can be greatly hazardous to your business and it makes it easier for hackers to do what they do best, hack. 

 Also, with cameras ubiquitously around the world and community inhabitants, it is important to block unknown or even known people’s view of your hand when you are entering PIN number, passwords, alarm codes, etc.

Always keep in mind that high-resolution cameras can see farther than we all think they are capable of.

Always make sure that you are keeping sensitive information safe from cameras recording while you are entering your new two special character and two capital letter passwords.

Eagle Tip #2: Do not have conversations with “wrong number” callers.

There are a lot of scammers that buy phone numbers and yours might be next on the lineup.

We all must be safe from scammers or the old way called “wrong number” callers by never giving out any information about yourself.

Someone who reaches out to you as a “wrong number” caller is looking for you to be intrigued on how they got your number.


The main thing they want in a call like this is to keep a conversation going on long enough so you can build trust with them.

They might have dialed you by accident to probably sell you some products or get sensitive information from you, but keep in mind that they may also be criminals seeking information in an attempt to target you for identity theft or worse.

Eagle tip #3: As a homeowner, keep your homes from looking like easy targets.

Easy targets are highly noticeable to robbers or burglars so please refrain from any unsafe activity affecting your home, family, or pets.

We at Eagle Security Services, Inc. want you to:

  • Keep extra keys in a safe place; never hide a key outside.
  • Keep grass cut, leaves raked, snow shoveled, etc., to indicate a well-cared for and occupied home.
  • Leave a radio on low when leaving home, even for short time.
  • Light all entrances and consider “vandal-proof” fixtures.
  • Lock up all ladders and tools a burglar could use to gain entry.
  • Never leave a note on the door saying why you are not at home.
  • Never leave doors or windows unlocked when leaving home.
  • Only put your last name on your nameplate or mailbox.
  • Pretend you are the burglar, go outside and plan how to get in to see where you need to install locks on all doors and windows.
  • Secure automatic garage door openers out of sight.
  • Trim landscaping near doors and windows to avoid concealment or climbing platforms for an intruder.
  • Use a timer that turns a living room light on at dusk – especially if you are going to be away.

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