Unarmed or Armed Security

Customer Service As A Security Guard
November 20, 2020

Unarmed or Armed Security

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You want to secure your property or business, but you are not sure as to which type of security you need to choose. Do you need unarmed security or armed security? Depending on your property needs, the type of security officer you choose to employ will differ greatly.

Unarmed Guards

Unarmed security guards fulfill the standard requirements for licensure. Of course, each training course differs and may offer variations as to what the guard may be skilled in. A few reasons to choose unarmed guards as they can:

  • Traffic and Parking Enforcement
  • Access Control
  • Loss prevention
  • General surveillance

Unarmed security guards are generally more approachable, and sometimes that may be what is needed for your business. Most businesses will employ an unarmed security guard for customer service. Unarmed officers are the way to go if liability needs to be minimized, or if there is a budget. The unarmed security officer costs less than their counterparts.

Armed Guards

Armed security officers will cost more, mainly due to the extensive training and requirements that are needed for work. They are deterrents. With what is usually an intimidating presence, they would be able to minimize crime greatly; consider armed guards for high-priced items or dangerous persons.

Overall, the armed security officer receives extensive training and are able to wield a firearm, while the unarmed security cannot. The choice ultimately comes down to budget and needs. Regardless of the type of officer that you decide to employ, Eagle Security has you covered. With your choice of armed or unarmed security, we make sure to adapt our service to your needs.

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