What Training Does A Security Guard Need?

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October 30, 2020
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What Training Does A Security Guard Need?

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In order to answer the question: what training does a security guard need, we would need to understand what type of security guard you are referring to.

General Security Guard Training

In the state of Florida, there are specific requirements for all who apply for their security licenses. Requirements may differ slightly depending on your license type, but training for a certain number of hours, and a general knowledge course is often provided to the applicants.

Considering the increasing amount that active shooters have been appearing, guards should be trained to handle an active shooter scenario. Training to prepare for an active shooter will ensure that the guard can effectively react and perform the best possible actions to ensure the safety of those around them.

Club Security

Club security are also known as bouncers; they are generally associated with clubs, bars, and concerts. Bouncers are there to make sure people do not do anything to put others’ safety at risk. Bouncers would need to know how to approach people, not to mention diffuse a situation that may escalate quickly. Training on criminal and civil law is also important. Many states do not allow for use-of-force to escort unruly patrons, and there is limited powers to arrest.

Armored Vehicle Security

A security guard that works with armored vehicles has slightly different training than those who do not. Armored vehicle security training may consist of being able to identify suspicious persons following them, actions to take during a hostage situation, as well as what are examples for the appropriate use of force. Defensive driver training will most definitely be a plus for someone who drives an armored vehicle.

Overall, security training differs based on the company delivering the training as well as the state requirements. There is no one set formula. Each specific company may have their own requirements for their employees.

At Eagle security, we ensure that our Class “D” license course incorporates the most relevant training needed for our security officers to provide the best service possible. It is up to us to ensure that our client remains safe by employing qualified security guards. You can find out more about our training course with our Security “D” license course.

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